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Northeast Arkansas

Utility Arborist

As a utility arborist for the Northeast Arkansas region, Toler Tree Service ensures the safety and preservation of powerlines by offering expert tree inspections, trimming, and tree removal services. If you’re in need of qualified tree services you can rely on, contact our tree care experts today!

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Utility Companies

Toler Tree Service is proud to partner with utility companies throughout Northeast Arkansas as a utility arborist. We provide tree trimming and tree removal services along power lines and other infrastructure to prevent damage and unplanned power outages. We also manage shrubs and other vegetation that could interfere with utility infrastructure or access. With a certified arborist on staff, Toler Tree Care complies with local regulation and industry standards to maintain safe and effective utility services. Contact us today to schedule your service.

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Storm Damage and Emergency Service

In case of severe weather, storms, and other emergencies, Toler Tree Service offers emergency tree removal and other services. As experienced utility arborists, we help play a crucial role in responding to fallen trees on power lines and other infrastructure that disrupts utility services and causes safety risks. We work quickly yet safely to remove any tree damage so that utilities can be restored. In case of emergency, Toler Tree Service is here  to help! 

Our Emergency Tree Services

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The team at Toler Tree Service is waiting to provide you with professional tree care services. 24/7 emergency service is available. Contact us today!