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Why It’s necessary

Tree Risk Assessments

Trees are magnificent structures that also carry a lot of weight. In the event of storms, fallen trees can wreak havoc on homes, lawns, and vehicles. But did you know that trees can fall at any time? Depending on several factors, including the age and condition of the tree, your trees may pose a threat to your home and family if not properly evaluated. At Toler Tree Service, we offer qualified tree risk assessments for affordable rates.


Is My Tree Dangerous?

Toler Tree Service offers tree risk assessments in Northeast Arkansas to determine whether trees on your property are dangerous or safe. The certified arborists and tree care professionals at Toler Tree Service carefully inspect your trees for decay, disease, and other hazards.

Once the tree risk assessment is complete, we can make recommendations based on your tree’s potential risk to your property. Learn more about our tree risk assessment below and the common signs we look for. If you feel your tree is at risk, please call or inquire through the form today!

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What We Look For

Carpenter Ants

While carpenter ants don’t damage trees themselves, they’re a clear indicator of decay. Carpenter ants are scavengers that live within dead pockets of the tree. If you see a few carpenter ants, there are typically many more living within the tree.

Mushrooms and Fungus

Mushrooms and fungus are signs of tree decay, as these organisms live and feed on decaying organic matter.

Gradation Changes

When trees are forced to grow toward water and nutrient sources, it is taxing on the tree’s growth. It uses all its energy to grow toward water and nutrient sources instead of using that energy for leaves, which is detrimental to the trees overall health.

Dead Tree Branch Tips

Dead tree branch tips can be an indicator of problems with the roots of the tree which can be caused by grading, sod installation, tilling, or chemicals.

Weak Tree Structures

Leaning trees, unbalanced trees, trees that have never been pruned, codominant structures, and other weak structures can be hazardous and cause your tree to require removal.

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Assessing Your Tree’s Risk

Once the inspection is complete, we determine the best next steps to prevent a tree emergency. We utilize the system developed by the International Society of Arboriculture to determine likelihood of tree failure and risk to surrounding structures on your property. This may include complete tree removal, treatment of diseases and pests, or pruning. Our experienced team will implement the best plan of action to ensure safe outcomes for your tree. If you’re experiencing decaying or damaged trees, it’s essential that you contact the certified arborists at Toler Tree Care to prevent a tree emergency. Call us today to schedule your tree risk assessment! 

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The team at Toler Tree Service is waiting to provide you with professional tree care services. 24/7 emergency service is available. Contact us today!